health insurance exchange

What Is a Health Insurance Exchange, and Does Minnesota Have One?

A health insurance exchange is a digital marketplace that allows people to browse and compare a variety of affordable healthcare insurance options before buying, all in one place. Having broad, cost-effective healthcare is vital for individuals and families, as it’s the most reliable way to avoid suffering the potentially devastating financial consequences of excessive medical debt.

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insurance definitions

What Do Terms Like Premium, Deductible, Coinsurance and Copay Mean?

Insurance policies are cluttered with confusing terms that can have a large impact on what your insurance will and won’t do. It can especially be overwhelming for young people or those who haven’t had to shop in the marketplace previously due to getting insurance via their family or an employer.

What can make these terms more confusing for users is how each has the power to influence the others – for example, if you pay more for your premiums, you’ll have a lower deductible and copay, and vice versa.

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equal opportunity in the workplace

What Legal Action Should I Take if I’m Discriminated Against at Work?

Employment discrimination happens when a person or group of people are treated unfairly by their employer due to their race, sex, religion, disability or age. Workplace discrimination certainly seems like the type of thing that should have been safely relegated to the dustbin of history by now. While many Minneapolis–St. Paul workplaces are inclusive, diverse environments, there are still some employers that cling to discriminatory practices.

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Trademark Laws

What Should I Do if Someone Tries to Use My Trademark?

Trademark can be legally registered word(s), names or symbols that represent a company or product. An individual or business may file an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to register their trademark. If an unauthorized third party uses or replicates your trademark to sell its own goods and services, it can be considered trademark infringement. As the trademark holder, it is your responsibility to uphold your brand and put a stop to the infringement.

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