difference between prenuptial and a postnuptial

Prenuptial Agreements Versus Postnuptial Agreements: What’s the Difference?

Marriage continues to be one of the most important personal and legal relationships people pursue. Couples eagerly recite nuptial vows at weddings, promising each other eternal love and support. However, reality has proven time and again that not all marriages are meant to last. Although the United States is experiencing a steady decline in divorce rates, hundreds of thousands of couples still decide to throw in the towel every year.

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criminal law suit vs civil law suit

Can a Civil Lawsuit Become a Criminal Case?

Although a rather rare occurrence, a civil lawsuit can potentially prompt a criminal investigation and subsequently a criminal case if evidence showing criminal action is uncovered during the civil case proceedings. It’s more common for a criminal act to also be the subject of a civil case in which the victim of the crime is seeking redress for damages caused during the alleged criminal act.

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moving with child you share custody with

Can You Move out of Minnesota with Your Child if You Share Custody?

If you and your ex have shared custody of your children, you’ll need to involve them in any major decisions involving your children. If the courts have decided your ex has shared legal custody, it may be legally difficult to move away without their consent. You’ll first have to get the green light from the other parent or prove to a judge that moving away is in the best interest of the child.

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what is a lawsuit

What Is a Civil Lawsuit?

Civil lawsuits usually involve one person or business attempting to hold another person or business liable for some type of harm or wrongdoing through legal action. In most cases one party is seeking monetary compensation from the other, but some civil cases may be brought in efforts to change policies, enforce contracts or win some other kind of resolution.

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