difference between prenuptial and a postnuptial

Prenuptial Agreements Versus Postnuptial Agreements: What’s the Difference?

Marriage continues to be one of the most important personal and legal relationships people pursue. Couples eagerly recite nuptial vows at weddings, promising each other eternal love and support. However, reality has proven time and again that not all marriages are meant to last. Although the United States is experiencing a steady decline in divorce rates, hundreds of thousands of couples still decide to throw in the towel every year.

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criminal law suit vs civil law suit

Can a Civil Lawsuit Become a Criminal Case?

Although a rather rare occurrence, a civil lawsuit can potentially prompt a criminal investigation and subsequently a criminal case if evidence showing criminal action is uncovered during the civil case proceedings. It’s more common for a criminal act to also be the subject of a civil case in which the victim of the crime is seeking redress for damages caused during the alleged criminal act.

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moving with child you share custody with

Can You Move out of Minnesota with Your Child if You Share Custody?

If you and your ex have shared custody of your children, you’ll need to involve them in any major decisions involving your children. If the courts have decided your ex has shared legal custody, it may be legally difficult to move away without their consent. You’ll first have to get the green light from the other parent or prove to a judge that moving away is in the best interest of the child.

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consumer protection agency

What Is a Consumer Protection Agency and What Is Their Role?

Consumer protection agencies are governmental, state and non-governmental organizations that aid consumers who have fallen victim to financial scams, discrimination or unsafe products. They investigate consumer complaints, sue businesses that break the law and educate consumers and businesses on their rights and responsibilities. Moreover, governmental agencies have the power to develop rules that protect consumers from fraud.

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refugees and asylum seekers

What Is the Difference Between Being a Refugee and Seeking Asylum?

Every year, thousands of people make the decision to leave their home countries in search of a better future. While some choose to leave their perfectly safe lives in search for new adventures and opportunities, others flee in search of safety and security.

Refugees and asylum seekers are the latter type of immigrants. They’re forced to flee their native countries to escape persecution or violence, seek protection from dangers and find a better life in the United States or another country.

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harassment and protective orders

Harassment Restraining Orders Versus Orders for Protection

If you’re a victim of harassment or domestic violence, you have the right to seek legal protection from the perpetrator.

In Minnesota, there are two types of orders that can protect a victim from their abuser: a harassment restraining order (HRO) and an order for protection (OFP). While these orders may seem similar on the surface, they have significant differences in procedure and execution.

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