marijuana laws in minnesota

Marijuana Legalization Process in Minnesota

In April 2023, the Minnesota House of Representatives passed the recreational marijuana bill in vote of 71-59.

As of May 2023, different versions of the bill are being reconciled by the House and Senate. If legislators agree upon a final version, the bill will go to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz who can sign it into law (which should be relatively straightforward, as Waltz has already expressed his support for the bill).

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cops asking questions

Can You Refuse to Give the Police Your Information in the State of Minnesota?

Getting pulled over by the police is a nerve-racking experience. The suddenness and high intensity of the situation might make you forget your rights, if you were even fully aware of them (most people aren’t). For instance, while police officers must identify themselves when pulling someone over, whether you have a legal obligation to give your information to them varies from state to state

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